Widex Moment

The Widex Moment, a product line that has been on the market since 2020, aims to deliver a unique blend of natural sound and sleek design with an array of customizable options.

Widex Moment
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Widex, one of the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers, is renowned for its trailblazing contributions to tinnitus management and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. Hailing from Denmark, Widex was among the pioneers to introduce digitally programmable hearing aids, setting a new precedent in the medical device industry.

Unveiling the Widex Moment

The Widex Moment, a product line that has been on the market since 2020, aims to deliver a unique blend of natural sound and sleek design with an array of customizable options. Tech-savvy users and those who value quality and innovation will appreciate the Widex Moment's distinct features and capabilities.

Widex Moment: A Quick Overview

The Widex Moment is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of hearing loss, from mild to profound, making it accessible to a diverse range of users. Its versatility is further highlighted through its availability in various styles, including behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-canal (RIC), and in-the-ear (ITE) models.

Standout Features

  • Direct streaming: Widex Moment hearing aids offer direct streaming to both Android and iOS devices, offering seamless connectivity.
  • Rechargeable option: The hearing aids come with a rechargeable option, which, according to Widex, can run up to 37 hours on a single charge.
  • Customizability: The devices are available in four different technology levels (110, 220, 330, and 440), providing options from basic to advanced.

Technology at Your Fingertips

The Widex Moment's technology is as advanced as it is user-friendly. Many users appreciate the control the hearing aids provide, allowing them to emphasize or de-emphasize certain sounds, such as background noise, manually.

Moreover, if users prefer not to select these sound preferences manually, they can opt for artificial intelligence (AI) recommendations that set the devices to optimal levels based on the wearer's current environment. Users can even "train" their devices via the MySound feature in the accompanying smartphone app to learn their unique sound preferences.

The Importance of Natural Sound

Widex Moment hearing aids are designed to process sound with lightning speed, eliminating the delay that can create an artificial sound. This ensures users enjoy pure, natural sound, enhancing their hearing experience.

Living the Moment: User Experience

The Widex Moment offers an experience that addresses common acoustic issues often associated with hearing aids, such as sudden increases in volume, loud background noises, and voice muffling. Its design also accommodates easy switching between audio inputs, a feature that many users appreciate.

However, it's important to note that some users have reported inconsistencies with the devices' auto-connectivity, necessitating occasional app removal and system rebooting. Firmware updates have also been known to freeze the hearing aids, requiring an audiologist's intervention.

Widex SmartRIC

Widex SmartRIC is a groundbreaking hearing aid that prioritizes natural sound and user comfort with its discreet L-shaped design, exceptional battery life of up to 37 hours, and portable charger offering over a week's power. It effectively addresses common concerns like wind noise and distractions while integrating seamlessly with various accessories and apps for a personalized experience. As more than just a hearing aid, SmartRIC embodies Widex's commitment to innovation, enhancing the quality of life for individuals with hearing loss by facilitating effortless connection to the world around them.


The Widex Moment hearing aids represent a significant step forward in hearing technology, promising users an enhanced, natural sound experience. While the product's extensive features and higher-priced models may prove overwhelming for some, its potential benefits—particularly for those with severe hearing loss—are worth considering. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or seeking a high-quality hearing solution, the Widex Moment offers a host of options to suit your needs.

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